Visit To Queen Kohsar Murree

 I have been a fan of mountains since time immemorial. Maybe that's why Allah has put the attraction of these scenes in His servants ........  Do research and see that love for nature is one of the common virtues of all successful people in this world. Love, no matter who it is, has its own requirements. Yes, so we used to go to the mountains for the same expression. Queen Kohsar Murree is a famous and beautiful tourist destination in the north of Pakistan. The city of Murree is located just one hour away from the capital Islamabad. Running and dancing is full of beautiful scenes of clouds .....  Murree is a tehsil and healthy place in Rawalpindi district of Punjab. It is located at a distance of 39 km from Rawalpindi and at a considerable height above sea level. Chosen a place near Murree for ........ In 1851, the first military barracks were built in Murree. In which there were only two days ...... while nowadays the journey is one to one and a half hours ..... The mountains of M

A Travel Journey To Visit Top Places Of Islamabad

 Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with innumerable blessings. We may not be able to estimate this even while living in Pakistan. We often dream of a world tour in our thoughts. We have never looked at or welcomed our own country of the West so carefully. A few days ago it was agreed to Visit to top places of Islamabad for . By the way we have visited many places many times and also agreed to visit Islamabad many times but this time we saw the Capital in such a way that we walked around the city spread on sixteen streets sixteen times and every The points made on the spot are also very interesting and interesting to watch. Best places to visit in Islamabad At the foot of the Margalla Range, there is a network of beautiful and clean roads. This small town is full of beauty for ambassadors, ministers and people from all over the world. There is a network of roads in the Margalla range as if you are going up and down the hill. There are green stripes on the sides which are full of